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On 1 August 2017, The State Planning Commission assumed the functions, powers and duties of the Development Assessment Commission (DAC). On the same day the State Planning Commission established the State Commission Assessment Panel (SCAP) to continue the assessment functions formerly undertaken by the DAC. The SCAP has the same membership as the former DAC to provide for a smooth transition to the new system. Read more at

Inner Metropolitan Development Assessment Committee

Inner Metropolitan Development Assessment Committee

On 28 November 2013, the Development Regulations 2008 were amended, removing the Capital City Development Assessment Committee and providing instead for a new Inner Metropolitan Development Assessment Committee to be established by DAC (Regulation 107(2) of the Development Regulations 2008). 

The Committee is established to act as a delegate of the DAC to determine applications for which the DAC is the relevant authority under clause 4B or 4C of Schedule 10 or the Development Regulations 2008 (subject to any referral that may be made under section 31(2) of the Act).

Subject to subregulation (2b) of the Development Regulations 2008, the Inner Metropolitan Development Assessment Committee will consist of:

(a) 6 members determined by the Minister as follows:

(i) the relevant councils must each submit a list of at least 3 prescribed DAP members for the purposes of this paragraph;

(ii) the Minister will select 1 prescribed DAP member from eac h list to be a member of the Inner Metropolitan Development Assessment Committee; and

(b) other members as determined by the Minister.


IMDAC comprises the following DAC members appointed by the Minister for Planning:

  • Simone Fogarty (Presiding Member)
  • Helen Louise Dyer (Deputy Presiding Member)
  • David O'Loughlin
  • Chris Branford
  • Sue Crafter
  • Peter John Dungey
  • Dennis Ray Mutton

Additionally, the relevant council representatives are as follows:

City of Adelaide

  • John Hodgson
  • Ruan Perera (proxy)

City of Burnside

  • Ross Bateup
  • Bill Chandler (proxy)

City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters

  • Terry Mosel
  • Jenny Newman (proxy)

City of Prospect

  • David Cooke
  • Simon Weidenhofer (proxy)

City of Unley

  • Brenton Burman
  • Roger Freeman (proxy)

City of West Torrens

  • Wayne Stokes
  • Colleen Dunn (proxy)

City of Holdfast Bay

  • Ms Jenny Newman
  • Mr David Bailey (proxy)

City of Port Adelaide Enfield

  • Ms Sybella Blencowe
  • Ms Rita Excell (proxy)