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Development applications currently under DAC consideration
How to make a representation
Categories of development
Crown development
Submissions and privacy

Development applications currently under DAC consideration

CATEGORY 3 DEVELOPMENT (Description here)

Development Number


Subject Land

Close Date


Application Documents for DA 473/D029/16 - PDF - 615.06KB (PDF, 615 KB)

Mr P Fullston

Yvonne Street, Charleston, identified as Allotment 60 and Pieces 61 and 62 in DP 86094 being Certificate of Titles CT 6073/470 and CT 6073/471

Land Division – two allotments into 22 (20 additional)

29 March 2017


Application Documents for DA 473/D025/16 - PDF - 3.51MB (PDF, 3590 KB)

Mr M Musker

27 Wattle Street, Bridgewater (A3 in FP151393)

Land Division – One allotment into two (one additional)

29 March 2017


Application Documents for DA 010/U052/16 - PDF - 3.07MB (PDF, 3139 KB)

R & D Fielke

Allotment 120 in DP84059 (CR 6177/394). For use of property at 1 Ella Court, Loxton

Construct a floating pontoon (2.4m W x 9m L) with associated decked ramp, access steps and pathway to provide river access from an existing residence

30 March 2017


Application Documents for DA 551/D022/16 (PDF, 4187 KB)

District Council of Loxton Waikerie

Allotment 700 DP74451, CT6014/343; Bookpurnong Road, BOOKPURNONG

Land division – one into two – to create one (1) additional allotment

30 March 2017

CATEGORY 2 DEVELOPMENT (Description here)

Development Number


Subject Land

Close Date


Application Documents
(PDF, 24987 KB)

Hutchison SA Pty Ltd

82 North Terrace, Kent Town

Demolition of existing building and construction of six-storey mixed use building

31 March 2017


Application Documents
(PDF, 22981 KB)

Taplin Group

13-23 Jetty Road and 1-3 Colley Terrace Glenelg

Demolition of existing retail tenancies and construction of 7-storey mixed use building comprising ground floor retail, above ground car parking and serviced apartments

3 April 2017

040/E014/15 V2

Application Documents
(PDF, 24737 KB)

Coopers Brewery Limited

461 South Road, Regency Park

Variation to 040/E014/15: construction of four hot water storage tanks with pump, and removal of one regulated tree

10 April 2017

CROWN DEVELOPMENT (Description here)

MAJOR DEVELOPMENT (Description here)

Viewing the application documentation

Hard copies of the application documentation can be viewed (no charge) or copied (for a fee) at the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, Level 2, 211 Victoria Square, Adelaide during normal business hours. If indicated in the public notice, or by direct correspondence, planning applications within a Council area may also be viewed at their offices during normal business hours. Once public notification has closed, documentation is only available via a Freedom of Information request.

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How to make a representation

The Development Act 1993 provides – in certain circumstances - individuals and groups the right to make both written and verbal submissions setting out their views on a development application. These people are known as ‘representors’. Where the DAC is the decision making body, it receives such submissions and conducts hearings for representors and applicants.

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Making written submissions

Written comments must set out the reasons for your representation and will be taken into consideration by DAC when it makes a decision (for Category 2 and 3 developments) or provides a recommendation (to the Minister for Planning on Crown applications). Your written representation must indicate if you or a representative wishes to appear before DAC to further explain your views. Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act 1991 and Development Act 1993 any information provided may become part of a public document.

Written representations can be posted, hand-delivered, faxed or emailed to DAC.

Representations received after the close date are not required to be considered.

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Categories of development

Not all applications are publicly notified. Where they are, the Development Act provides for two kinds of public notification – referred to as Categories.

A Category 2 development is where notice of the application must be given to an owner and/or occupier of adjacent land to where the development is proposed. A person contacted in this way has the right to make a representation which must be taken into consideration by DAC when assessing the application. Other people not directly notified may still make representations but the Act allows DAC the discretion as to whether they will be taken into account.

For a Category 3 development, written notice must be given to adjoining owners or occupiers of land and to any other owner or occupier of land which the Commission believes would be directly affected to a significant degree if the development were to proceed. Notice of a Category 3 development must also be given to the general public by newspaper advertisement.

For either category of notification, representations either objecting to or in support of a particular development application which is being considered by the DAC must be made to the Commission and received within 10 business days of the public notice being given.

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Crown development

For Crown developments (lodged under s.49 / s.49A of the Development Act 1993), where the proposal has a development cost exceeding $4 million, a notice is published in a local newspaper advising of the type of development and its location. For these applications a longer period of time is provided for representations to be received (which must not be less than fifteen (15) business days from the date of notification). If a representor indicates a wish to be heard by the DAC, they must be heard.

More detail on the rights and responsibilities of parties, and how the DAC receives submissions and conducts public hearings on applications is available in a separate brochure (‘DAC hearings’).

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Submissions and Privacy

The Development Act requires that all written representations received must be forwarded to the applicant who is then entitled to make a response to DAC. Written submissions to be valid must contain, amongst other things, the name and contact details of the person making the submission. Representations will be included in agenda documentation that is publicly available prior to each meeting, and may be discoverable under the Freedom of Information Act.

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DAC contact details

Postal address

The Secretary
Development Assessment Commission
GPO Box 1815

Street address:

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
GHD Building
Level 2, 211 Victoria Square

Phone: 1800 752 664 (Select Option 4)

Fax: (08) 8303 0753


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